Customs Declaration

If you returned a parcel and it was returned back to you by the post office, it could be either:
  • The address was wrong
Check to make sure that you send back the product to the address we provide you after your return request is approved.
  • Customs declaration was not declared or paid
This is a requirement and may only cost $1 but will save you on return charges.
  • The correct postage was not fully paid
Please note that we do not pay customs fees (if any) or postage fees on your behalf.
  •  Return tracking number not updated

The Return Tracking Number was not updated on the Returns page or on email that you received, therefore, we have no idea whether the product was returned or you decided to keep it. To update your return tracking number, click on the Returns Center, fill-in your order number and the email address used to make the purchase. Then click "Add Tracking Number"